Vacations to Israel 2016 – 2015

When taking vacations to Israel, transportation is a crucial thing you should consider.

If you do not have a tour guide in Israel traveling with you on Israel vacation tours 2016 -2015, you have the luxury of choosing how you want to get around the country on each of your vacations to Israel. To start out, when your airplane has landed and your Israel vacations are about to begin (after collecting all of your bags and luggage), you have five transportation options at the Ben Gurion Airport.Vacation Apartment Tel Aviv

First, you can take a taxi. While this first option of a taxi is the fastest option to get your vacations to Israel 2016- 2015 started, because you go directly to your choice destination, you will pay for this luxury (and what many would call an extravagance. However, many people whose vacations Israel is their first time there often choose this option so as not to worry about getting lost in a new country. However, it is important to note that this transportation vacations to Israel option, while pricey, does not assure an English speaking taxi driver.

The second transportation option for your vacations to Israel is to take a bus. This is a viable option for those who are looking for cheap holidays in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem (buses go to many major cities, but not everywhere). By saving money on transportation like this from the beginning, your Israel vacations 2016- 2015 will start out the right price! This is the cheapest option when traveling on your vacations Israel, but it is the least accommodating.

The third transportation vacations to Israel 2016 option is to take a Nesher Taxi, which is a shared sherut (van) for up to ten passengers (and they always make sure to fill it with all ten, even if you have to wait). Nesher vans go strictly to Jerusalem, which is the perfect option when you are starting out your vacations Israel as a holiday to Jerusalem. The only thing about Neshers is that if you are the first drop off (or last pick up, if you use it to go back to the airport), then the ride is very short and direct. But if you are the last stop (or the first pick up), you will feel like you are on Israel vacation tours because you will drive throughout the entire city of Jerusalem. This Israel vacations travel option is the least expensive ($10) for how accommodating it is (since it takes you to your exact location, even if you have to wait).

The fourth transportation option for your vacations to Israel 2016 is to take a train. There is a station at the Ben Gurion Airport where you can get to most places in Israel. This travel option is more expensive than buses, but more comfortable, too. You can look at it like you are on Israel vacation tours as you ride through the land.

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The final option is to get rental cars Jerusalem for your vacations to Israel. There are car rental places that you can get from the airport and return to the airport at the end of your Israel vacations, or you can agree to leave the car in a different place on leaving your vacations Israel 2015 -2016 if you want. This option is obviously pricier than buses, Nesher vans, or trains, but much more inexpensive (even when buying gas) than going by taxi. And if you are afraid of getting lost, you can always rent a GPS or bring your GPS from home (and simply pay to get maps that work in Israel).

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