Summer Programs Israel 2016

There are so many summer programs Israel around these days.

Many of these summer programs Israel 2016 are meant for teenagers, but you also find that there are Israel programs in summer time for college aged and young adults. There are summer programs Israel that the entire program has private Israel tours, while others are learning Israel programs in summer. But even these learning programs also tour around the Land of Israel, soaking up the wonderful weather as well as the historical sites throughout the holiest land in many of the major religions around the world.

Followers of the Baha’i faith can come four days, two weeks, up to two years for yearly and summer programs Israel volunteering. They work at the Baha’i Gardens and Temples while they are in Israel, and cannot discuss anything about a faith while they are in Israel, so as not to try to missionize the Jews living there. Baha’is have it low cost to Israel since their Israel programs in summer 2016 and throughout the year pay for their living expenses, supplement two meals a day, and even gives the helpers some pocket money at the end of every week.

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Members of the Church of Latter-day Saints also have summer programs Israel volunteering when they are eighteen. All young Mormons leave their house for a one to two year missionizing service to the Church and go to places around the world. There exists a Latter-day Saints Church in Jerusalem near Hebrew University on Mount Scopus. Although Mormons may come to summer programs Israel, they have a written pledge (since 1977) that they will not missionize while in Israel.

Christians from all different sects (other than Mormans) also come on vacations to Israel that are summer programs Israel. But perhaps the most popular summer programs Israel are for Jews. There are Israel programs in summer and year long programs from Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox Jewish organizations. There are pre-college, post-college, and semester abroad programs for Jews. There are learning programs and touring programs that stay in Israeli youth hostels throughout Israel, while other programs reside in kibbutzim or on army bases or at universities through the country. The beauty of all of these different programs in Israel, for all of the different religions and the specific things they offer, is that you can nearly always find a program that is right for you. Even for the right price!

summer programs israel volunteering, summer programs israel for college students, summer programs israel high school students

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