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If you find the right travel tours to Israel reviews 2016, you can really make your entire trip very memorable.

If seeing the artsy side of Israel are the  Israel tours reviews 2016 you want to see, you can always find a tour that is doing just that. After seeing all of the museums around the Land of Israel, mainly situated in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa, and seeing the orchestras and theater groups perform, you might be in the mood to see the dance companies of Israel, operas, and festivals.

There are wonderful  tours to Israel 2016 that will take you to the amazing Israel Ballet, established in 1967, which is located in Tel Aviv. Then cheap travel packages to Israel might continue to the world-renowned Bat Sheva Dance Company, also located in Tel Aviv (these first two are definite tourist attractions in Israel). The Bat Sheva Dance Company was founded by Batsheva Rothschild sometime in the 1960s. The Bat-Dor Dance Company is also another one Israel travel packages to Israel might go to, since it was also established by Batsheva Rothschild in 1968 (co-founded with dancer Jeannette Ordman) and is located in Tel Aviv, too.

Another dance group tour to Israel 2016 might go to see if the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, located in Kibbutz Ga’aton in the north. The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company began in 1970 as an expansion of the Regional Western Galilee Dance Group; it’s dancers are split between Israeli-born and eastern European-born dancers. Other dance companies tours to Israel 2016 could see are the Inbal Dance Theater (established in 1949, located in the Suzanne Dellal Center in Neveh Tzedek, Tel Aviv), the Noa Dar Dance Group (established in 1993, also located in Tel Aviv), and the youngest dance troupe, Mayumana (established in 1996 in Tel Aviv, one of the most inventive travel packages Israel reviews could take you to). Seeing these dance troupes is not the first place a tour guide in Israel will take you, but they are definitely worth getting a tour guide that will go to them!

Art travel packages to Israel tours 2016/2017 or Israel tours 2016 would not be complete without visiting the Israeli Opera, which is one of the many amazing performances offered at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center. At the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center, you can watch all sorts of concerts and dance performances (ones specific for adults and for children). In 1985, the Israel Nation Opera was established via the Council for Arts and Culture. All performances are sung in Hebrew with English subtitles.

Vacation to Israel 2016 - After seeing museums, musical performances, theaters, dance groups, and the opera in Israel, the final thing travel packages Israel cheap can include are, other than cheap air fare to Israel, are exclusive tickets to the festivals all around Israel. But your cheap travel packages to Israel will have to be for a trip to Israel for at least 3 to 6 months.  First, if you get rental cars Jerusalem, you can start at the first festival in Jerusalem, the Israel Festival, which is in May and June. Then you can go to the Carmiel Dance Festival (in Carmiel, which is northern Israel) in July. Then the Eilat International Jazz Festival is held the last week in August, which brings in the top international jazz musicians. And finally, if you have stuck around in Israel for 6 months, you can go to the Akko Alternative Theater Festival, which occurs every Sukkot (a holiday that usually happens in October). After going to every possible art-themed place in Israel, you will know that you picked the right 2016/2017 tours to Israel!

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