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Since Haifa is the third biggest city in Israel, next to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, it is no surprise that there are four museums in the city, not including the amazing Baha’i Shrine and Gardens, and five museums neighboring Haifa. Even though it is such a prominent city, it is more likely to visit all of these museums with private Israel tours 2016 than large group tours.

The first museum in Haifa that private tours to Israel will go to is the Haifa Art Museum, which is located in the German Colony’s Templar town hall, which was built in 1869. You can find Israel tours 2016 with private tour guides in Israel discussing the different temporary and permanent art exhibits from Israel and around the world. Private tour guides Israel 2016 will explain that one of the most interesting things about this museum is the emphasis placed on the integration between Jews, Muslims, Christians, and Druzes in the city of Haifa.  Many Christian tours to the Holy Land like to visit this museum to show the role Christians play in the third largest city in Israel. The next Haifa museum private tour guides in Israel will take you to is the National Maritime Museum, which gives the history of Israel’s importing on the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and the Nile. Private Israel tours 2012 give explanations on all of the exhibitions at the National Maritime Museum, which include anything having to do with ships (ancient maps, measuring instruments, mapping and navigation instruments, and other archeologicaltours  remains of sailors.

The next museum Israel private car tour guides go to is the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, which is on the peak of the Carmel Mountains. This museum is the Israel private guide on everything Japanese: art, music, culture, festivals, etc. As elucidated by private guides in Israel, this museum was created to educate the Israeli people as a whole on the Far East. The last Haifa museum is the Hecht Museum, which is located at the University of Haifa. Private Israel tours 2016 will tell you how this museum was inaugurated in 1984. Dr. Reuben Hecht, for which the museum was named for, amassed a collection of archaeological findings from the land of Israel for sixty years. Private Israel tours go through Dr. Hecht’s archaeological collection and Israel private tour guides explain how it begins with the Chalcolithic period and ends in the Byzantine period, encompassing the Israelite period, which was the benefactor’s favorite historical time period.private tour guides prices. You can Car hire in Tel Aviv too.

After seeing all of the museums inside of Haifa with your private tour guides Israel, there are a few more the Israel private guide can take you to. You can also take day tour Israel to see Jerusalem area. Right outside of Haifa, in Ein Hod’s Artists’ Village, is the Janco Dada Museum, which is a museum private Israel tours 2016 tell aptly named after one of the avant-garde Dada movement founders Marcel Janco. Next, private car tour guides in Israel will go to Caesarea, also South of Haifa, to the Ralli Museum, founded by Harry Recanati, an art collector who instituted four museums around the world. The Ralli Museum has art exhibitions of European, Latin American, and new, promising artists around the world. Next, the private tours to Israel might go to three of the five industrial parks created by Stef Wetheimer, an industrialist who wanted to fuse industry with art. In three of the parks, ones located in Tefen, Tek-Hai, and Omer (all in the north near Haifa, except for Omer, which is near Be’er Sheva), are the Open Museums. The last museum that only private guides in Israel will take you to is the Museum of Art Ein Harod, located in Ein Harod, also in the north, where the museum resides over the Jezre’el Valley and Gilboa Mountains. But perhaps the best thing about private Israel tours 2016, more than the fact that private tour guides Israel will take you to museums that commercial tours won’t go to is that you still cal get great deals to Israel. And isn’t that what everyone wants? A good deal along with their private tours to Israel 2016…

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