Vacation Apartment Jerusalem

One of the nicest things about having a vacation apartment Jerusalem is that it does not matter where it is in the city…

Your vacation apartment Jerusalem old city will always be very close to the hundreds of holy sites throughout the city.

You can find vacation apartments Jerusalem near the Western Wall at David’s Village. You can find a Jerusalem apartment vacation rental near one of the four campus’s of Hebrew University at Mount Scopus in French Hill. You can also rent a vacation apartment Jerusalem rental in Rehavia or even Katamon and then walk to the center of town with ease.

And if you stay in a vacation apartment Jerusalem old city in or near the Old City, then you are in walking distance from many popular holy sites (although many vacation apartments Jerusalem rental in this area are very expensive and might be a bit dilapidated – however, you can find really good prices here!). One particularly very popular site for Christians that you find in every single one of the Christian tours of the Holy Land is at the Mount of Olives: Jesus at the Garden of Gethsemane. Gethsemane is a garden at the bottom of the Mount of Olives and is a very holy place in Christianity for many reasons. First, it is where Jesus and his twelve disciples prayed to G-d at night a few hours before his crucifixion. There are, incredibly, olive trees that are growing there that are around 900 to 2000 years old! This estimation is, of course, only an estimate because olive trees do not have rings and therefore it is impossible to know the exact age. However, scholars agree that these olive trees growing on the Mount of Olives are definitely ancient. If the holiness of the Mount of Olives is not tangible enough for you, perhaps seeing these ancient trees will help you connect to a time long ago.

Other holy Christian sites on the Mount of Olives, which can be quite close to a vacation rental Jerusalem Israel rental, are the Dome of the Ascension (which is said to be where Jesus ascended into the heavens; it was conquered by Saladin in 1187 and converted into a mosque, which is what remains in the churches place even today), the Church of Mary Magdalene (built in 1888), and Dominus Flevit Church (the most recent addition to the Mount of Olives, built in 1955 to memorialize when Jesus cried over Jerusalem). When the Dominus Flevit Church was built, they excavated several ossuaries (which are some kind of container for skeletal remains) that were from the time of Jesus!

To get around town from your vacation apartment Jerusalem old city, you can always get a Jerusalem rental car. This way, if you decide to spend nearly your entire trip in Israel in a Jerusalem apartment vacation rental, but want to drive to up north and rent a room in Tel Aviv for the night, a rental car makes the whole experience very comfortable and easy (and no one gets lost driving from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv since it is such a direct route). But be sure to return to your vacation apartment Jerusalem after your little journeys outside of Jerusalem, because although there is more to Israel than just Jerusalem, it is no wonder that the major religions of the world consider Jerusalem to be the holiest city in the world. So be sure to get a fabulous vacation rental Jerusalem Israel old city today!

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