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If you are looking for a short term rental Tel Aviv Israel..

luckily for you, you will always be able to find something…

Although Israel has nearly 8 million inhabitants (7.7 million as of January 26, 2011), Tel Aviv alone has over 410,000 residents, many of which are constantly moving out of their short term rentals Tel Aviv area constantly.

Tel Aviv is the New York City of Israel, so it is no surprise that short term rentals in Tel Aviv Israel are always available at some time. Some of these short term rental Tel Aviv area are brand new buildings, renovated buildings, or some individual Tel Aviv short term rental Israel have been renovated. Of course you can also find a dilapidated short term rental Tel Aviv area, but since there are so many choices, you do not have to rent there!

The real question is: if you are looking to rent a room in Tel Aviv, how do you go about it? Although there may be many Tel Aviv short term rentals Israel, if you do not know where to look, you will not be able to find the perfect short term rental Tel Aviv for yourself. You basically have two choices when looking for apartments, whether it is a short term rental Jerusalem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, wherever: you can go to a realtor (or call one) or search for short term rent Tel Aviv yourself. There are obviously pros and cons to each choice, and this article will go over each.

REALTOR PROS: The realtor will have a list of the latest short term rentals in Tel Aviv area and relevant old listings, too, something that you yourself would not necessarily be able to find. The realtor can tell you the condition of the apartment since they will have seen it before they take you there. The realtor will also be able to help you negotiate the short term rent Tel Aviv between you and the owner of the apartment.

REALTOR CONS: You have to pay the realtor one month’s rent of the short term rental Tel Aviv, which is pretty expensive in our current economy.

SEARCHING ALONE PROS: If you look for short term rentals Tel Aviv by yourself, you do not have to pay anyone a finder’s fee once you sign the contract. You also have a plethora of postings on websites (however, this particular website is all in Hebrew, but there are English ones as well that any Google search will find for you) that have tons of listings of Tel Aviv short term rentals (and rentals anywhere in Israel), and often, this list is what the realtor uses, too!

SEARCHING ALONE CONS: You may spend days and weeks looking and not find anything because you don’t have the complete list of short term rental Tel Aviv apartments. Also, you might find the perfect Tel Aviv area short term rental, go to sign, and discover that the owner already signed with a realtor that if anyone signs, the realtor gets paid, even if the realtor did not find the renter themselves. What does that mean? That you may still end up paying one month’s rent for the short term rental Tel Aviv even though you didn’t use a realtor (this does not happen often, but it does happen).

In the end, it is your decision. Finding a Tel Aviv short term rental is like trying to find cheap Israel tickets: you can find them yourself or use a travel agent. But there is always a reason to use travel agents, just like there are reasons to use realtors. A travel agent, for example, can also organize an Israel day tour for you along with finding you the cheapest ticket to Israel. Is this something you need? Not necessarily. But the convenience often wins out. Regardless of which avenue you choose to seek out short term rentals in Tel Aviv, be sure to look for them today!

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