Rent Car Jerusalem

It is always best to rent a car Jerusalem Israel before you actually come to Israel.

You have to look at it this way: you would not just show up at the airport with your bags packed, expecting to find a low cost to Israel (or more importantly, with any room available on a flight).

No, you would be sure to spend hours, days, weeks trying to find the cheapest flight Israel that there was. Therefore, you should imitate the scrutiny you would have with regards to getting to Israel with how you cheap rent car Jerusalem Israel.

If you rent car Jerusalem Israel for cheap before you actually arrive in Israel, you can have the cheapest rental car waiting for you at the airport. On the flip side, you can also return the cheapest rent car Jerusalem Israel to the airport and not have to worry about returning it to the rental place in Jerusalem and then take a taxi to the airport. If you cheap rent a car in Jerusalem Israel, you can, of course, use it exclusively in Jerusalem. But there is no need for that. A rent a car Jerusalem for cheap can be driven throughout all of Israel. Drive up north to Haifa and see the Baha’i Gardens or go to the Carmel Mountains and stay at the amazingly relaxing Carmel Spa (the food there is INCREDIBLE!). Travel to Tel Aviv at night and dance at the numerous clubs, or discothèques (as Israelis like to call them) that are around the hip and happening parts of Tel Aviv. Or walk on the pristine shores of Hertzaliya. Or drive down to the Dead Sea and float in the salt water or go a bit further south to Eilat and swim with the dolphins or take a glass-bottom boat ride.

Another nice thing about a cheap rent car Jerusalem is that you can stay in short term rentals in Jerusalem and then travel to anywhere else in Israel and take a vacation apartment in Israel. Unlike renting cars in America, when you rent a car in Jerusalem for cheap, you pay for the amount of days you use it and the gas. You do not pay car insurance for each day. Only if there is damage to the car, or if you get into an accident, do you deal with the insurance on the rent car Jerusalem Israel. It is, for the most part, subsidized, so the amount you pay for damage is minimal.

Extras you pay for with a cheap rent car Jerusalem Israel are if you travel on Highway 5, which is the only highway that there is a toll. But unlike paying tolls in the US, there are no booths to pay as you pass (which create unnecessary traffic on the highway). In Israel, there are cameras that take a picture of your license plate number, and that is how you pay the toll for the road. So if you have a rent car Jerusalem cheap, the bill will go to the rent a car Jerusalem company, and they will add it to your bill at the end. Also, if you get a ticket on you rent car Jerusalem Israel (anywhere in Israel), you will obviously have to pay that, too. But otherwise, if you choose to rent a car in Jerusalem, you will find that the companies really don’t add extra surcharges and fees. You pay what you expect. Which is always nice (and normally does not happen!). Driving Israel

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