Holiday Apartments in Tel Aviv 2016

If you are coming from the UK or Europe, hopping on a flight to Israel is not such an expensive flight,

nor does it have to be an expensive trip either. If you prefer holidays to Tel Aviv more than any other city in Israel, hotels can be a huge added expense to your trip. But what other options do you have? Well, you can always look into cheap holiday apartments in Tel Aviv to rent in 2016

Cheap Holiday apartments in Tel Aviv israel are, for the most part, new, beautiful, and classy, just like going to a hotel. But a cheap holiday rental Tel Aviv Israel will allow you things that a hotel just does not. Holiday apartments in Tel Aviv can be wherever you want them to be. If you want to experience the night-life in Tel Aviv, what many say is seeing the real Tel Aviv, you can find cheap holiday rentals in Tel Aviv israel that are downtown and in the center of it all. If you want to be near the boardwalk and the ocean, you can always find a holiday apartment rental Tel Aviv there, too. And if the arty part of Tel Aviv interests you, and you want to spend all of your time immersing yourself in the artistic side of Israel, you find holiday apartments in Tel Aviv rental near the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Diaspora Museum, or even the Suzanne Dellal Centre (where performances take place all the time). Israel tours 2016

If you have never been to Tel Aviv, it is important to know that Tel Aviv has the appeal that London has, with historical places like London, too. Some of the sites in Old Jaffa are as recent as the 19th century, while others date back to the time of the crusaders. If you stay in cheap holiday apartments in Tel Aviv renatal near Old Jaffa, you can walk around and experience a different side of Tel Aviv. It is one of the oldest port cities around the world, and has a beautiful Mediterranean port. Some of the top places to see are the Clock Tower (built in 1906), the Mahamoudia Mosque (built in the 19th century), St. Peter’s Church (built in the 19th century on the remains of a Crusaders’ fortress and doubles as a hostel, and Napoleon might have stayed there), the Libyan Synagogue (built in the 18th century and is currently a museum), and Jaffa’s Hill, which is an archeological excavation of the city (the Ancient Egyptian Gates are about 3,500 years old!). If you stay in holiday rentals in Tel Aviv, you can walk to all of these amazing places!

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One way you can find cheap holiday apartments in Tel Aviv to rent is by hiring a realtor or travel agent to find one for you. The only reason this is a nice option is, while the realtor or agent finds you a holiday rental Tel Aviv, they can also organize other things you may be looking for while you are in Israel (if you do not plan to stay in Tel Aviv the whole holiday) like short term rentals in Jerusalem and car rentals in Jerusalem (if you plan to drive). Since the flight from nearly all of Europe is only a few hours in total, coming to Israel on the weekend and staying in a cheap holiday apartment rental Tel Aviv rental is a very realistic holiday to have. Since there are places online to find the cheapest flight Israel, and since you can often find low cost flights from Israel, you really have no excuse not to take all of your holidays to Tel Aviv (and other places in Israel).

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