Holiday Apartment Jerusalem Israel

A holiday apartment Jerusalem rent is a very special thing indeed.

This is not just because you can find gorgeous holiday apartments in Jerusalem Israel for rent that are less money than staying in a major hotel.

Since Jerusalem is such an important city for the three major religions of the world, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, staying in holiday apartments Jerusalem Israel allows you to be next to it all. If you find a holiday apartment Jerusalem Israel, it can be in one of the one hundred neighborhoods that are located throughout the 126 km² of the city.

It is possible to find holiday apartments in Jerusalem Israel that are located in the Old City, which is in close proximity to the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is where the Dome of the Rock is located and the Western Wall, known as the Kotel, is right next to it. Near the Dome of the Rock is also al-Aqsa Mosque, a name which was taken from the name mentioned in the Qur’an, is believed to be where Muhammad was transported during the Night Journey from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to there. The Dome of the Rock is a shrine that houses the Foundation Stone which, according to Islamic belief, is where Muhammad ascended to heaven. According to Jewish tradition, the Holy of Holies, which was the holiest place in the First and Second Temples (the Temple Mount), is located inside the Dome of the Rock. Isn’t it incredible that you can stay in a holiday apartment Jerusalem for rent  just a few hundred meters from the holiest place in Jewish and Islamic traditions?

Since there are so many holy sites to visit in Israel, and Jerusalem especially, you can either have your holiday apartment Jerusalem rent near many of the attractions Jerusalem has to offer, or you can have your holiday rental Jerusalem nowhere near anything but still have the ability to drive there if you rent a car in Jerusalem. Since there is so much to see, it is probably recommendable to take a few tours a Jerusalem so that you are sure to see everything. There are over 1200 synagogues in Jerusalem, over 150 churches, and over 70 mosques, so there are certainly enough rich heritages to see for these religions.

A popular thing Christians throughout the world do at least once in their life is to take a pilgrimage to Israel. Therefore, Holy Land Christian tours are abundant in Israel, and it is obviously recommended to take advantage of this as you stay in your holiday rental Jerusalem. You can easily rent a holiday apartment Jerusalem Israel and take a tour for a few days there. Then you can find a room for rent Tel Aviv and do your travelling up north while staying in Tel Aviv (visiting Haifa, Tsfat, the Carmel Mountains, maybe the Carmel Spa while you are there!). Finally, you can return to your holiday apartment Jerusalem to finish off your vacation. Because although you may travel throughout Israel during your vacation, you will find that the holiday apartments Jerusalem Israel truly feel like your home away from home! So take it from us and be sure to stay in the nicest holiday apartments Jerusalem for rent has to offer! You owe it to yourself.

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