Tel Aviv rental cars Israel 2016

Tel Aviv rental cars and car hire in Tel Aviv Israel 2016/2017

Tel Aviv is the perfect vacation city in Israel and offers something special for everyone – beautiful Mediterranean beaches,  culture, museums, parties and luxury hotels and holidays in Tel Aviv. Car hire in Tel Aviv Israel can be an easy and available way for anyone who wants to enjoy the city and Israel.

Orientation for tourist who rent a car in Tel Aviv 2014
Tel Aviv is a medium size city with no organized street planning.As a central city, Tel Aviv has many streets in any shape or length. Tel Aviv established 100 years ago and at the beginning there were only h a number of individual houses, but grew with the years, and today, its spreads for miles. If you rent car Tel Aviv you should use GPS and even taxi drivers who know the city well, use a GPS.
Usually, if you
rent car in Tel Aviv 2014, you can add it to the package and you pay a small additional fee.
Tel Aviv rental cars and car hire in Tel Aviv Israel – parking
Like any other big city in the world, finding a parking space is not easy. It is possible but you can find your self driving around for a long time. There are some rules regarding free parking at the street that you must know. You can always park your rental car Tel Aviv in a regulated parking. In most places you pay about 4 Dollars an hour, which is a reasonably price.This is the reason why you should want to  consider car hire in Tel Aviv of a small, efficient cars with a small engine. Small Tel Aviv rent cars 2016 are generally cheaper and more suitable for driving in the city. The same issue happens if you rent car jerusalem.


Parking space for cars hire in Tel Aviv
You probably don’t know all the secret parking places that the residents know so you can use the many parking zones and parking areas that are spread throughout the Tel Aviv.

Important things to know when Tel Aviv rental cars and car hire inTel Aviv Hotels in Tel Aviv on beach.
Tel Aviv car rental companies and
Tel Aviv car service offer a wide range of vehicles with a different standard and prices. You should compare carefully car hire in Tel Aviv because the prices in Tel Aviv rental car companies is different. The prices for car hire in Tel Aviv are determined according to different parameters, such as vehicle type, the duration of the rental and the type of the driver.

If you are below 24 years old, you will pay high fees, if you are below 21 – you will have a problem to rent car in Tel Aviv. Of course, you will need a valid driving license. Read more on driving in Israel – Cheap flights to Israel Holidays in Israel

Car rental companies and Tel Aviv car service 2016 offer a variety of  car insurance. Note that sometimes it is better to pay slightly more for a full insurance, ensuring that no will not have to pay anything extra if there is a any damage to the car. You should also select the place and time of collecting the vehicle

Car rental Tel Aviv airport or car hire Tel Aviv airport
You can take you car directly from the airport instead Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, in that way you can save time and money and make things easier. you can also find a good Hotels Tel Aviv Airport.

Don’t forget to enjoy when you hire car in Tel Aviv…Drive carefully!!

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