Christians Pilgrimages in Jerusalem 2016

Religious Christianity Pilgrimages tours in Jerusalem 2016

Religious christianity pilgrimages in Jerusalem is tourism to Israel by Christian pilgrimages, which the Pilgrim traveler in Christian holy sites, churches and other sites that Jesus visited them or stayed there in the past.

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Garden Tomb
christian pilgrimage to Jerusalem 2016 holyland to holy sites is one of the most profound religious experiences each of the three monotheistic religions and in  Christianity is held at least 1,500 years. Israel is called in the Christian tradition “Holy Land”, because that was the cradle of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, a vision of the New Testament Bible stories. There are about 30-40 pilgrims visiting sites that are a”must to visit” for a pilgrim tourist in Israel. 50% of sites are concentrated in the Jerusalem area or within a short drive away, 30% of the site are in the Galilee area and around the Sea of Galilee (lake kinneret) and the rest in the Western Galilee and the coastal plain.

Religious christians pilgrimages in jerusalem sites
Jerusalem is a sacred city to three religions Monvthoisteut. In Christian Pilgramge perspective, Jerusalem is sloping with sites where Jesus lived and died. holy Sites where he spent his last weeks and made by his followers and believers holy sites and pilgrimage to the Christian world.
Churches sites in Mount of Olives ares, Via Dolorosa – the path of agony that Jesus passed by crucifixion, the Holy Sepulchre where he was brought for burial and resurrection according to Christian belief and different sites around Jerusalem where there have been miracles by Jesus.

Thousands of Christians pilgrimages in jerusalem  celebrated the “Good Friday” each year in April.

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catholic pilgrimage to the holy land

Good Friday – Christian pilgramges to Jerusalem around the world indicated the “Good Friday” – the day of Christ’s crucifixion. Thousands of pilgrims come to Jerusalem and held processions in the city, carrying prayers and called for peace.
Among the visitors in Jerusalem were Americans, Indians, South Koreans, Filipinos and Russians. catholic pilgrimage to the holy land carried large wooden crosses candles, and walked the streets of Old city of Jerusalem, among others in The Via  Dolorosa ,that accoring the christian faith,Jesus walked there before his death on the cross. During the march stopped pelgramges on 14 locations, which indicate different events experienced by Jesus on his final journey.
The last five stations were in the Holy Sepulchre, where according to Christian belief Jesus was stripped, raised on the cross and buried.
Events are held alongside with tens of thousands of Jews, who arrived in Jerusalem to mark the Passover holiday – which is one of the three legs. Pilgrims usually say that their stay in Jerusalem along with other religions believe was a moving experience: “This is a sign of hope that we can again make connections of unity, through our faith. Faith does not need necessarily to divide, but bring us closer.”

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Christian Tours to the Holy Land,

All scared christians sites for the Israel pilgrimage catholic holy land visiting in Israel the holy land are associated with Christ’s trips in the Holy Land that mentioned in the New Testament.

You can find amazing walking trails and various Christian pilgrimage sites, according to the different geographical location, that allow pilgrames travelers to know the various places, various characters and events as described in the New Testament.

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Religious christians pilgrimages in Jerusalem sites

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