Best Catholic Pilgrimage tours of the Holy Land 2016

The roots and the history of the Pilgrimages to Holy Land 2016

are apparently from the Jewish pilgrimage to the Temple during the Second Temple, which Jesus came to Jerusalem during Passover.

Catholic pilgrimage tours to the holy land movement will overcome the Emperor Constantine’s rise to power and turn the Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire in the 4th CE. The Emperor’s mother, Helena came to Israel in year 326 and her pilgrimage tours to the holyland are considered the first of its kind. Many pilgrimages came after her and followed her tours to the Holyland. Today, there are a few descriptions of pilgrimage tours and trips to the holy land conducted in the fourth century, as the anonymous pilgrim from Bordeaux, France in 333, Argiera and her entourage arrived, probably from Spain around the year 385.

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Classic pilgrim catholic trips to the holy land
There are several Holy land pilgrimages catholic trips that are most common to do in Israel:

1 )Pilgrim tours to Israel 2016 the Classic tour -  short trip appears on most tourist brochures and tour packages to Israel. It usually includes 4-5 days in Jerusalem, 2 -1 days in Tiberias and 2-3 days in Tel Aviv or Netanya. Classical tours are sites like Tiberias, Nazareth, Kafr Kana, Mount Tabor, slaughtered (En Sheva), Caesarea, religious sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, Qumran and Masada are most common for catholic pilgrimage tours of the holy land groups from the USA, Central Europe, Spain and Africa.

The classic trip is the essence of Jesus’ travels in the Holy Land and includes the Biblical sites in the New Testament and in the Bible. During the best catholic pilgrimage tours of the holy land they visit all the places where Jesus lived and studied and made miracles. The moat amazing experience is the nature of religious experience that accompanies the visit to the pilgrimages to holy land.

Catholic pilgrim trips in Israel:

2) Classic pilgrim catholic trips to the holy land is a little longer. You will spend a longer stay in Jerusalem for more in-depth tours. The tour concentrates on special Galilee Christian catholic pilgrimage sites around the Sea of Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes, Tabgha, Nazareth and baptism in the Jordan River.

Most catholic pilgrimage tours of the holy land characterized that they are  interested in a spiritual religious experience. Catholic groups coming from southern Europe and Latin America are very popular in Israel.

The Pope in the Holy Land
The Pope visited Israel several times in the past. The last time was several years ago. The Pope’s visit has been officially called “Pilgrimage to Holy Land” , in contrast to the rest of his visits around the world, defined mission trips (Apostolic Voyages). In his Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, the Pope met with Catholic Church officials and with seniors from other churches and Jewish and Muslim religious leaders.

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