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Traveling to Israel safety Tips

If you are looking totravel and Israel is your choice destination since Israel has the most archaeological excavations than anywhere else in the world, it is important to know traveling to Israel safety tips. Read on driving directions in Israel

If you went to the Judean Foothills, Judean Desert, and the Negev, there may in fact be some traveling to Israel safety problems. For example, visiting the Cave of Machpelah (the Tomb of the Patriarchs) in Chevron is dangerous and therefore not following traveling to Israel safety tips. Or visiting Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem is not the way to follow travel to Israel safety. And although going to the Church of Nativity and Grotto of the Nativity, both in Bethlehem, are two featured sites on Christian tours to the Holy Land, Bethlehem can also compromise safety travel Israel.

It is definitely possible to travel to Israel safety and see many archaeological sites and excavations. And while you are on the go, you can rent a vacation apartment in Israel in any number of these cities. If you go up to the north to Ashkelon, you can see a marble statue of the Greek goddess of Victory, dating back to when Ashkelon was conquered by the Greeks, Assyrians, Babylonians, and Romans. You can see this statue on the Via Maris (the ancient trade route from Damascus down to Israel on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea), which is in no way compromising  tips traveling to Israel safety tips. Also in the north is Caesarea, which was an ancient Roman port that was destroyed by the Crusaders. However, you can see the reconstructed Roman Theater with travel Israel safety tips. This theater once was where people witnessed mass executions; nowadays, it is used for concerts during the Israel Festival that takes place in June and July. In Caesarea, you can also see the Roman Aqueduct, which during ancient times had water flowing down from the Carmel Mountains. And finally, still adhering to traveling to Israel safety, you can visit Acco, a city that was around over 3,500 years ago and was conquered too numerous to mention. Acco still has its sea walls and battlements which are testaments to its ancient history.

Tours of Israel 2016 – If you continue to the Galilee and the Golan, you can see more archaeological sites and historical cities, all of while allow you to travel safety Israel. Beit Shean was once a Roman city, and much of the city has been excavated, showing bath houses, public streets, theaters, mosaics (like the Tyche Mosaic, from the 6th century Byzantine room; it is featured in a museum in Beit Shean that holds many archaeological findings), etc. As it is still being unearthed, once finished, may prove to be the most reconstructed Roman cities found in Israel, which is pretty amazing. Very ancient excavations tend to lead to hostility in Israel, but you can safety travel Israel to these places without worrying about Israel travel warnings like in other places (like in Jerusalem).

Finally, you can travel Israel safety to Megiddo, located in the Jezreel Valley, which has layers over twenty-something cities that go back as far as 3,500 years ago. In Megiddo, you can was in an underground water system that was constructed over 2,800 years ago by King Ahab as protection against the city’s water when the city was under siege. Like Megiddo, Hatzor, one of the most northern ancient cities in the Galilee, also has many layers of cities from over 1,800 years ago, with an acropolis in the high area and a city in the low area. Even if you get last minute tickets to Israel to visit these incrediably ancient sites and cities, you don’t have to worry about conflict or Israel travel warnings, which is nice to know that traveling to Israel safety is not something you have to worry about everywhere

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