Israel Driving – maps, directions and laws

Driving on roads in Israel may be a challenging task for tourists..

The State of Israel has invested in infrastructure of roads and massive interchanges billiards of dollars in recent years so the roads are generally ok. Usually tourists compare Israel driving to Italy, or Greece.
To drive in Israel, you need a driver license (of course…), which would help in case that a cop asks for your information. You do not need an international driver’s license to Travel to Israel.

The Israel driving culture is pretty wild and the two main reasons are the hot weather and the luck of patience.
However, the easiest way to travel in Israel is by car. Short travel distances, available parking (compared to other European cities, parking can be found easily and at cheap prices, especially if you’re staying at the hotel).

Note that the driver’s seat and steering wheel are on the left side of the vehicle, and driving is done in the right lane of the road.

Driving map Israel and Israel driving license foreign driving license, American license
For a Newcomer, tourist, temporary resident or returning resident (who was abroad at least a year), can drive with a their valid local license for a year of entrance to Israel to see Israel Tourist Attractions. Israel driving license for returning residents will be converted only if permanent license issued at least 6 months before entry to Israel.

Israel driving distances and driving distances in israel
driving map Israel is quite simple since Israel is a small country so the distances are small, for example – driving in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem can take 40 minutes. If you plan to rent a car in Jeruslam or in Tel Aviv and to drive to Eilat – it will take you about 3-4 hours. The longest driving in Israel is from Metula in northern Israel to Eilat in southern Israel. This drive can take about 7 hours total. As you see – Israel is a very small country, foreign driving license, American license

Driving directions in Israel and the traffic signs
Most of the signs are written in Hebrew, English and Arabic, but keep in mind that sometimes the translation is flawed. For example, street is sometimes translated to the word “Rehuv”, which means “stree”t in Hebrew. You can always ask for driving directions in Israel from people around and in most cases, you get an aqurate guidelines , remember that most of the Israelis speak English so it won’t be a problem to get directions.

Tolls roads in Israel
The only toll road in Israel is Route 6 or in Hebrew “Kvish 6″.  If you rent a car, you will need to sign a pledge not to travel on Route buy if you enter the road, you will be charged on that separately later when you return the rented car.

Who may drive in Israel with a foreign license?
Newcomer, tourist, temporary resident and returning resident (who was abroad at least a year) may use their Foreign drivers license for one year from the entry to Israel.

Israel Police Traffic Department displays a rigid attitude toward tourists, at least with regard to their obedience to the traffic laws . Enforcement activity conducted on a daily basis like in any other country.

Driving map Israel to Eilat

An example of how “not to drive in Israel” :
Eilat’s  Highway patrol couth two French citizens on the Arava Road (Route 90) after driving faster than tens of percents of the limit of the road, they were arrested and had  a quick judgments they felt the strong arm of the law after getting a 600 EUS fine. Also, they were disqualified from driving for 11 months in Israel. They could have spend the money on Hotels in Eilat Israel  or on Youth Hostels in Eilat Israel..
Thousands of vacationers make their way each week to the southern city of Eilat and the Policemen are along the route to save drivers lives, including by taking dangerous drivers off the road and giving expnessive speed ticking fins.

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Drive carefully in Israel !!

Foreign driving license, driving in Israel with American license

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