Hotels Tel Aviv Beach 2016/2017

There are many, many hotels Tel Aviv beach that line the northern and southern beaches of Tel Aviv.

You can find youth hostels in Tel Aviv that are on or across from beach hotels Tel Aviv 2016/2017 Israel, like the Gordon Inn Youth Hostel. Since there are so many hotels Tel Aviv beach cheap, you definitely will find some of the best hotels Israel on the Tel Aviv beaches, like the Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel and Towers, the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel, the Marriott Renaissance Hotel, the Park Plaza Orchid Hotel, Isrotel Tower All- Suites Hotel, and lots more.beach hotels in tel aviv

When staying in a hotel Tel Aviv beach, you will want to be on the beach, no matter what season it is! In the summer, hotels Tel Aviv beach provide cool water and an amazingly refreshing breeze from the ocean. In the winter, since Tel Aviv is still a very warm place to be (except for when it is raining), hotels in Tel Aviv on beach provide a beautiful view with the water and sand violently meeting, and beach hotels Tel Aviv also give you fresh sea air on the most tepid day. You can also start sunbathing at hotels Tel Aviv beach cheap 2016/2017 as early as March in Israel since the sun is so strong.

Nearly all tours a Israel will stay in hotels Tel Aviv beach or at guest house Tel Aviv since the Tel Aviv beach is such a strong part of Israeli culture. The most northern Tel Aviv beach (the Tel Baruch Beach) is outside the urban Tel Aviv, so it has a much more secluded feel to it. Therefore, you will not find so many hotels Tel Aviv beach cheap there. Then the most northern of the city part of Tel Aviv beaches really feels like an urban beach. You will find a hotel Tel Aviv beach or two on this beach (it’s called the Metzitzim Beach) -beach hotels in tel aviv.

Then, right near lots of the 5 star hotels in Tel Aviv on beach is a religious beach, a dog beach, and the Hilton Hotel Tel Aviv beach. The religious beach is perfect for those staying in hotels Tel Aviv beach cheap and want to go to a single sex beach. Every other day is for the opposite gender, which is perfect for those (especially women) who want to sunbath without being hit on. Many non religious women go there so they can sun bathe topless. The dog beach is also very close to hotels Tel Aviv beach and is the only beach where dogs are allowed to go and run around without leases. It is perfect for dog owners who love the beach. Lastly, there are hotels in Tel Aviv on beach that are for marina sports, like wind surfing, sailing, and kayaking, beach hotels in tel aviv.

Whether you stay in cheap beach hotels Tel Aviv or short term apartments Tel Aviv, be sure to check out all of the different beach fronts that Tel Aviv has to offer. Although you will not find a hotel Tel Aviv beach at the Jaffa Beach, you will be walking on one of the oldest port city’s beaches, which is pretty neat. Stay at hotels in Tel Aviv on beach cheap and experience the sunny side of Tel Aviv! Hoteles de Tel Aviv

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